Commitment to Responsible Recruitment

In 2018, the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) announced a proactive industry effort to address potential forced labor risks for migrant workers in the global supply chain. Stitch Fix, along with 123 other apparel and footwear companies, signed the AAFA/FLA Apparel & Footwear Industry Commitment to Responsible Recruitment.

As an industry and as individual companies, we are committed to the fair treatment of workers in the apparel, footwear and travel goods supply chains. One important part of this ongoing effort is working together to eliminate conditions that can lead to forced labor in the countries from which we source products.

We commit to work with our global supply chain partners to create conditions so that:

  1. No workers pay for their job
  2. Workers retain control of their travel documents and have full freedom of movement.
  3. All workers are informed of the basic terms of their employment before leaving home.